Da Shawn Evans

Da-Shawn Evans

Da-Shawn Evans, Our founder and CEO was able to solidify Fisher Financial L.L.C. as one of the fastest growing corporate housing companies in the Southeast. The exponential growth was by no means a surprise to his peers. As a serial entrepreneur, his keen awareness and foresight allowed him to see what was missing in the marketplace and fill that void.

He currently serves as a licensed REALTOR as well as Regional Property Manager for the largest mental health company in the state of Alabama. His in depth knowledge provides him with a unique vantage point. While overseeing 15 apartment complexes with approximately 3,362 individual units he eventually had a "Eureka" moment. When founding Fisher Financial L.L.C. his first order of business was to provide affordable housing.

From there he focused on short term rentals and ultimately corporate housing. His flair for professionalism coupled with his business acumen blossomed into what is now known as one of the premier real estate investment firms in the Southeast.