Affordable Housing


Because of hard economic times we understand the struggles that many people face when attempting to own their piece of the American Dream. As a result, Fisher Financial offers Owner Financing with just 10% down.

What is Owner Financing?

Owner financing occurs when the owner of a property for sale provides partial or complete financing to the buyer directly, after the buyer makes a down payment. It allows the buyer to pay for a home without relying on a traditional mortgage. This can greatly simplify the process of buying and selling a home by eliminating the need for a lender, appraisal or inspection.

Who can qualify?

  • Self Employed
  • Poor Credit
  • Too little work history
  • Bankruptcy

Because of all these issues people resort to renting. But as you may already know, renting is the same as throwing money out of window. Rents are going higher every year.

The other option is rent-to-own/lease purchase. We advise our customers to avoid this option at any cost because you do not get a Deed to the property. No Deed means you are not the owner and you can lose your home, even though you pay as agreed and on time. Simply because the owner can go through bankruptcy, divorce, lawsuit, IRS tax liens. They can even die, change their mind or don’t cooperate. Same as if you purchased it from for sale by owner or from your relative.

‚ÄčNo credit or income check, no employment verification. All you need is 10% down.

If you have 10% down, we believe you deserve your home of choice no matter your credit score!

How we do what we do?

Fisher Financial is able to provide Affordable Housing due in part to our Acquisition team in conjunction with our skilled contractors and sub-contractors. As a result, we are able to locate properties that are in need of a little TLC and completely renovate them. The old adage “A Picture is worth a thousand words” speaks volumes. As you can see from our before and after photos, we spare no expense at redesigning and making our properties places we would have no problem housing our own families. Stay tuned to our website for upcoming properties that will be hitting the market soon!

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